About Us

How we started

As I was sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle and sipping an iced coffee through an “eco-friendly” straw, I wondered what this straw was made of. It seemed like a normal plastic straw. Looking for any excuse to avoid the work that prompted my coffee shop trip, I ventured down a rabbit hole of straw research and plastic pollution, learning that a mind-boggling number of straws are used daily — some estimates put the figure at nearly 500 million per day. Per day! That felt like an enormous waste (a massive strawprint, if you will), which helped me grasp the need for these non-plastic versions.

So was the straw in my iced coffee as eco-friendly as it was made out to be? It was made of PLA, an increasingly common replacement for plastic made from fermented plant starches, also known as bioplastic. More research made it clear that PLA is not a perfect replacement and I created Strawprint to address that.
 - Joe, Founder

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What we believe

Drinking with a straw should be a guilt-free experience. At Strawprint, this means products made from natural sources that decompose quickly, without the harmful effects involved in plastic production. And we’re committed to supporting other organizations that are fighting climate change and motivated to make the world better in other important ways.

Why use our products

We found that paper straws fall apart and PLA products often behave like regular plastic when not disposed of through industrial composting (plastic straws can take up to 200 years to decompose). Metal straws are fine, but carrying them around can be annoying and they are awkward to use with disposable cups.

Our plant straws fix many of these issues. Bamboo, reed, and wheat plants have hollow stalks, making them naturally formed straws. They grow quickly and offer a range of quality and cost. Wheat straws are a natural byproduct of wheat grain harvesting. Bamboo and reed plants can be cut multiple times per year while leaving the root to continue growing. As straw users conscious of our impact on the environment, we fell in love with them and hope you will too.

Where we are

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